JMBC course Dispersed multiphase flow

Location: Twente University, Drienerburght Hotel
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. D Lohse (
Lecturers (tentative): Detlef Lohse, Rob Mudde, Roberto Verzicco, Andrea Prosperetti, Hans Kuerten, Bernard Geurts, Wim Paul Breugem, Jerry Westerweel, Christian Poelma, Hans Kuipers, Federico Toschi, Johan Padding, Maike Baltussen, Niels Deen, Chao Sun, Sander Huisman 

The J.M. Burgers Centre organizes, together with the University of Twente, a 5 day course on dispersed ­multiphase flows at the university campus. Dispersed multiphase flow has become one of the core disciplines in fluid dynamics, due to its fundamental challenges and due to its relevance in industry. This includes (turbulent) bubbly flow, flow with droplets, and flow with particles, the latter two both with liquid and gas as a carrier flow. The Dutch Fluid Dynamics Groups of the JM Burgers Centre have traditionally been strong in this area and many PhD students work in the field. The idea of the course is to offer them an overview on experimental, numerical and theoretical concepts in this topical and relevant research field. The lecturers are various research group leaders of the involved research groups. 

Registration can be done on the JMBC website.