Doctorate (PHD & PDEng)

PhD at the University of Twente

After completing your Master of Science degree, you could opt for a career in research. This involves spending four years studying a particular research area in depth. An integral part of this is writing your PhD thesis, and at the end of your PhD period you will present and defend your research in public. After successfully completing your PhD, you will be awarded the title of Doctor (Dr.).

Unlike in many other countries, most PhD researchers in the Netherlands are paid employees, often working directly for the university. Some PhD researchers come to the Netherlands with an international scholarship. In addition to the regular PhD positions offered on the UT vacancies website, Twente Graduate School offers several integrated Master's and PhD programmes


Twente Graduate School coordinates high-quality educational programmes based on topics closely related to the work of the university’s research institutes, taught and supervised by expert researchers. We offer structured PhD programmes for outstanding graduate students who are keen to pursue a career in scientific research. Next to the PhD research project leading to a dissertation, the equivalent of 30 European Credits in a broad variety of discipline related, academic skills and career development courses enable students to specialize in their research area they are interested in while broadening their perspective on the societal context of technology and research.


The graduate research programmes of the Twente Graduate School are set up as a coherent and integrated Master’s and PhD programme that runs over a period of five to at most six years leading to a PhD degree. A Twente Graduate School programme educates students to become researchers in fields of expertise for which high quality research is carried out at the UT. Not all Master’s programmes are involved in these graduate research programmes. For the broad range of all MSc programmes have a look at our Master’s programmes website.

Other opportunities 

Are you not looking for PhD opportunities? Maybe you are looking for some of the UT's other educational possibilities: