Doctorate (PHD & PDEng)

Professional Doctorate in Engineering at the University of Twente

What is PDEng?

A PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) programme is a 2 year post-Master’s designer programme at the University of Twente. In consultation with an organisation, this tailor made programme will be designed to educate trainees who are able to design high level, creative and renewing designs for complex issues with a multidisciplinary character.

The University of Twente offers a diversity of Post-Master PDEng programmes:

Opportunities for students

Have you finished your Master's programme and are you ready for a new challenge? Would you like to keep studying and get paid while you're at it? Are you interested in technological designs and would you like to jump start your career? In that cases a Professional Doctorate in Engineering might be a perfect fit for you. Read here more about the different programmes and the opportunities for students.

Opportunities for companies

Is your organisation searching for a multidisciplinary technological designer or do you want to offer your employees a highly qualified technological designer training? Is your organisation searching for a design solution for a technical problem? In that cases, a PDEng trainee might be an interesting option for you. Read here to see the opportunities for your company.

Other opportunities 

Are you not looking for PDEng opportunities? Maybe you are looking for some of the UT's other educational possibilities: