The University of Twente offers many different post-master programmes. For more information about our Master programmes, please visit our Master's website


Twente Graduate School at the University of Twente has a varied offer of integrated master and PhD programmes for excellent master students who aspire a career in scientific research. The programmes have been set up together with the faculties and research institutes. Because of the broad offer of compulsory and optional courses, students can specialize in an area of research in which they are interested, while at the same time broadening their outlook on the social context of technology and research. We make high demands and have strict selection procedures for both the research and educational programmes, and the prospective students.


The Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) programme is a two-year post-master designer programme at University of Twente. Together with business life, the PDEng programmes at the University of Twente train people who are able to make high-quality creative and innovative designs for complex design problems in a multi-disciplinary context.

The PDEng programme combines scientific research in an industrial context with educational modules in a very broad variety of topics. It is strongly focussed on technological issues. The PDEng programme integrates an educational and a design track. Design is key in this programme, and the design project is suggested by the client. During the design process, the knowledge and skills acquired by the trainee will be converted into technological innovations.