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This specialization belongs to the master's programme Industrial Engineering and Management.

The specialization Healthcare Technology & Management (HCTM) will give you unique expertise in optimizing healthcare processes. This track centres on two main themes. Entrepreneurship in Technological Innovation is all about the effective development and implementation of healthcare technology. Healthcare Logistics focuses on the efficient and effective application of modelling techniques in healthcare organizations, with a particular focus on hospitals. You will also explore the organizational aspects of hospitals from an Industrial Engineering and Management perspective, with some courses being taught in collaboration with the Master’s programme in Health Sciences.

This track focuses explicitly on the healthcare context, familiarizing you with systems for healthcare finances, and new developments in healthcare technology. Using your skills in mathematical modelling and computer simulation, you will be able to put new business process technologies to use in helping healthcare institutions provide high-quality care and engage in continuous innovation at minimal cost. Your knowledge will enable you to bring together technology developers and researchers and new technologies and strategies with the demand challenges faced by care providers and patients. 

Think, for example, of weighing cost savings against risk in decisions regarding the adoption of new therapies, optimizing personnel costs for different hospital departments, or identifying bottlenecks in the care process and figuring out how many machines you need to achieve maximum efficiency and quality.


The HCTM Research Orientation is fully in line with the specialization itself and is also called Healthcare Technology and Management.

Mandatory common courses

  • Operations Research Techniques 1
  • Operations Research Techniques 2
  • Simulation 

Mandatory HCTM courses

  • Advanced Health Economic Modeling 
  • Decision Making in Healthcare 
  • Statistical Learning in Healthcare

Examples of elective HCTM courses

  • Optimization of Healthcare Processes
  • Quality Management in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Statistics and Probability
  • E-Health Strategies
  • Micro Economics
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Cost Management and Engineering
  • Sustainable Business Development
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