Industrial Engineering and Management

Are you interested in joining the master’s programme Industrial Engineering and Management after you have obtained your bachelor’s degree? f so, you may be required to complete a pre-master’s programme first.

What is a pre-Master's programme?

The pre-master's programme is a transfer and bridging programme for higher professional education (‘hbo’ in Dutch) or university education bachelor's programme students of Dutch universities who wish to obtain a university master's degree, but who cannot be admitted directly. Once you’ve successfully completed the pre-master's programme, you’ll be granted admission to the master’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Pre-master's goal

The pre-master’s goal is to qualify you for the entrance requirements of the master. This means that you are acquainted with scientific research skills, studying the different areas of Industrial Engineering, raise your knowledge about mathematics and statistics to academic level.

The master Industrial Engineering and Management has three specialisations:
•             Production and Logistics Management (PLM)
•             Health Care and Technology Management (HCTM)
•             Financial Engineering and Management (FEM).

For the specialisations ‘PLM’ and ‘HCTM’ we offer the same pre-master's programme that involves the quantitative techniques and Operations Research. The pre-master's programme for the ‘FEM’ specialisation focuses more on Financial accounting and Option pricing topics.

More detailed information about the three specialisations can be found here.

Start Date

The pre-master's programme starts once a year in September. 


For University of Applied Sciences (Dutch HBO) students

A pre-master's programme contains 30 credits. This is a fulltime study programme of one semester. 

For Research University students

Depending on your previous education the pre-master’s programme consists of 15 to 30 credits.

More detailed information about the pre-master’s programme can be found here.


The (pre)-master's programme is taught in English as is the required literature.


The pre-master’s programme is designed for students who have the motivation and capacities to obtain an academic degree from the  master’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Management. Your eligibility for admission to the pre-master's programme in this programme depends on your previous education. Check the transfermatrix to see which master’s programmes are accessible with your bachelor’s programme or contact the pre-master’s coordinator.

Pre-University level (VWO) Mathematics B.

You must be able to demonstrate proficiency in mathematics B at pre-university (VWO) level. You can demonstrate this by submitting one of the following documents:

  • A pre-university level (VWO) certificate including Mathematics B;

  • A separate pre-university level certificate in Mathematics B;

          o   e.g CCVX certificate

          o   e.g. Boswell Bèta certificate

  • Transcript showing completion of the (extracurricular) Saxion Mathematics course for programmes in technical subjects;

  • A certificate or other document comparable to the above, that shows proof of your mathematical and analytical skills at pre- university level.

Brush up on English.

The IEM programme is taught in English. We strongly advise you to test your level of English.

More detailed information on admission can be found here

Rules of the pre-Master’s programme

To be admitted to the master’s programme the pre-master’s programme has to be completed successfully within one academic year (with no more than 2 exams per course). Students encountering special circumstances have to ask the exam committee for exemption of the rules mentioned above and inform their academic counsellor as soon as the circumstances come up.

After finishing your pre-master’s programme and your bachelor’s or BSc programme, you can start the master’s.

Pre-master Application route

You can apply for admittance online, see Students who integrate the premaster’s programme in their programme of a University of Applied Sciences, can apply via kiesopmaat.

Keep an eye on the application deadlines and check them prior to your application (pre-master and master deadlines are most of the times identical).


For general information please contact Study Information Desk.

For questions regarding the this pre-master's programme and admission into the master Industrial Engineering and Management
programme contact the pre-master coordinator

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