Are you interested in joining the master’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Management?

Depending on your educational background, you may have to complete a 15-30 European Credit pre-master’s programme before being admitted to the Master’s programme.

What is a pre-master's programme?

The pre-master's programme is a transfer and bridging programme in which you will gain the knowledge and skills needed for successful participation in the master’s programme. They also give you a firm foundation in the research methods and statistical analysis you will need to conduct independent research as part of your Master’s.

The pre-master’s programme gives a preview of the level of the master's, so if you do well in the pre-master's programme you are also likely to be able to successfully complete the master's programme.

You can take the pre-master’s after completing your bachelor’s degree, or during your bachelor’s studies. 

More detailed information about the pre-master's programme can be found here.

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