The Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management is a two-year programme (120 credits), starting in September and February. It is taught entirely in English and leads to the title of Master of Science (MSc). The programme has close ties with Industrial Engineering & ICT research at the Digital Society Institute and the Twente Graduate School, both of which are part of the University of Twente.  

Choose a specialization and your own orientation

At the beginning of the programme, you choose a specialization, or a combination of specializations. Each specialization consists of:

  • Three mandatory courses (15 credits);
  • A range of specialization and elective courses (75 credits);
  • And your master’s thesis (30 credits), which you will base on a research assignment at an external organization.

 With our wide range of electives, you can focus on personal goals in this programme. At the same time, your specialization means that right from the start we can connect you to ongoing research at our university or with an external partner. 

Additional specializations

For the niche expertise you may want to developduring your Master’s in Industrial Engineering & Management, we offer numerous additional specializations, for instance:

  • Mathematics
  • Maintenance
  • Information Systems & Management
  • Transport Engineering
  • Management & Design

Learn about the specializations and orientations

First year

In the first year you will take three mandatory Industrial Engineering & Management courses (15 EC), three mandatory courses belonging to your specialization (15 EC) and three elective courses related to your orientation (15 EC).

We have designed the programme in such a way that you will study all the vital aspects and disciplines of Industrial Engineering & Management, regardless of the specialization and orientation choices you make. This means that on graduation you can still enter a wide range of fields, although your specialization does give you an obvious head start in its particular area. Your specialization will be mentioned on a separate supplement to your Master’s diploma in Industrial Engineering & Management.  

Second year

Elective courses, studying abroad

The first semester of your second year offers more elective space. You can add relevant courses from the University of Twente or other universities in the Netherlands and abroad to your programme. We encourage our students to spend one semester abroad, as it gives you valuable experience and improves your cross-cultural skills. 

Graduation thesis

In the second and final semester of the second year, you will research and write a thesis based on your Master’s graduation project. This will involve applying what you have learned to a real-life situation, for example by undertaking a project, conducting research and writing a report for an external organization or company. 

Examples of graduation theses

  • Improving the purchasing efficiency of Norway’s fish processing industry by forecasting seasonal influences, weather conditions and other factors
  • Improving the efficiency of night-time railway maintenance for Dutch railway organization NS
  • Improving the logistics of a production line at Scania
  • Improving scheduling efficiency of hospital operating theatres
  • Developing a model for personalized breast cancer treatment
  • Developing a model for assessing the impact of financial products
  • Improving synchromodal transport efficiency from the ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam to the hinterland
  • Adapting the synchromodal transport of individual containers to real-time circumstances
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