The programme is accommodated off – campus by the CSTM Fryslan, located in the city of Leeuwarden in the north of the Netherlands.

CSTM Fryslan is located in Leeuwarden in the Van Hall Larenstein institute. We have our offices at Wetsus, centre of excellence for sustainable water technology. The institute has a lot to offer students. The student canteen sells a wide range of food, everything from warm meals to sandwiches and snacks. There is also a large library where you can not only lend books, but where you can also relax, browse the internet on one of the computers or just meet other students. 

The students have access to relevant facilities like computers, internet, printing and copying. With their own laptops they can connect via wifi to the network and internet. 

Library facilities 

The library of the University Twente offers a wide variety of services for students and employees. It has an extensive collection of books, papers, reports, etcetera, that can be accessed in the library in Enschede. To facilitate its off-campus students and employees, the library offers an electronic search catalogue to search its databases, and a wide collection of e-books and e-journals that substitute or supplement the library catalogue. The digital library is available on the internet and consists of approximately 275 databases, 14,000 electronic journals and 4,000 electronic books. The hardcopy collection can be searched on internet using the library catalogue. MEEM students can visit the library in Enschede and/or can access the electronic library on the internet. They receive information about the facilities (and many other things) in a “General Information Guide”. 

Additionally, MEEM students are also allowed to use the library of the Van Hall Institute in Leeuwarden. The collection consists of about 30,000 books and reports, 1100 videos, 350 journals, CD-roms, student theses and business information. Part of this collection is in English. General books like dictionaries and address books are also available.

The libraries of other universities are accessible to MEEM students through their University of Twente student card. A collection of relevant books is available to students in the office in Leeuwarden. CSTM in Enschede has a documentation center with a significant collection of books and other publications related to energy. 

Other facilities 

Arrangements have been made so that students can use the student sports facilities in Leeuwarden for the regular fees. During the introduction week, MEEM students receive information about this and about other (student) facilities in the city. During the programme, the programme coordinators are available for practical support concerning material facilities and a broad range of questions, relating to both the study programme as well as day-to-day (social) life. 

The programme management organises several social activities during the programme, for example, ice skating, an international dinner, among others. This facilitates social unity, open contacts with staff and a pleasant stay, all of which helps international students to be successful in their study programme.

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