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You can find all the information about changing your study address and/or mailing address on this page.

If you need to update your study address or mailing address, you are in the right place. Here is what you need to know. Your study address is where you receive mail from the University of Twente. You can change both your study address and mailing address in Studielink, and it will be updated in the administration system OSIRIS.

  • How can I change my study address?

    You can update your study address through Studielink. Log in to your Studielink account, go to the <Details> tab, update your new address, and confirm the changes. This information will be automatically updated in the administration system OSIRIS.

  • How do I change my mailing address specifically?

    To change your mailing address, log in to Studielink, navigate to the <Details> tab, and update your new mailing address. Once confirmed, your new mailing address will be forwarded to your higher education institution. If you receive a student grant, remember to report your change of address separately to DUO.

  • Can I change my home address using DigiD in Studielink?

    No, if you log in with DigiD, you cannot change your home address yourself in Studielink. This option is only available if you have never logged in with DigiD. If your address is listed in the Personal Records Database due to DigiD usage, you must notify the municipal authorities of your address change. They will then inform Studielink and your institution on your behalf.

  • What if I have a residence permit?

    If you have a residence permit, it is crucial to keep your address updated. The Dutch Immigration Office (IND) checks your details using the Municipal Personal Records Database. Notify the municipality promptly about any change in your address to ensure the maintenance of your residence permit.

  • I'm moving within or outside the Netherlands. How do I update my address?

    If you are moving within the Netherlands or abroad, update your address in Studielink. This change will be transferred to OSIRIS through Studielink, ensuring that your information is up to date regardless of your location.

  • Are you a cursist, exchange, subsidiary or transfer minor (KOM) student?

    For these categories, you cannot change your address yourself. Send an email to Student Services with your request, mentioning your student number and new address details.

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