Software Technology

This specialized discipline is offered as a Computer Science Master's programme.

If your interest encompasses development of high-end software, unrestricted by application domain, then this degree programme is for you.

What is Software Technology?

High-end software development requires a thorough understanding of current technology, polished design and programming skills, and a comprehensive working knowledge of the different phases of software engineering. Aside from these tough requirements, every domain of application has its own special features, languages and techniques.

The Software Technology Master's programme offers a combination of courses that teach all of the aspects listed above. Our students graduate as experts in state-of-the-art technologies and software engineering phases. They also acquire specialist insight into their choice of application domains, including databases, wireless and embedded systems, security or cloud computing. In addition to an individual graduation project, students will also carry out an industrial team-based project focusing on a real-life problem. Throughout the programme, students will amass theoretical knowledge and learn practical skills that will make them assets as developers for a broad and diverse range of software products and uses.

Course descriptions

Go to the courses overview for the courses that are offered within the specialization in Software Technology within the Computer Science Master's programme (note: this overview shows the courses for the academic year 2016 - 2017).

Industrial Advisory Board

This Master's programme makes use of the expertise of an Industrial Advisory Board, comprised of representatives from the region's foremost software-intensive high-tech companies. The board offers advice on the relevance of the curriculum, suggests improvements, submits interesting case studies and assignments, and organizes guest lectures.

Career opportunities

Software is nowadays found in all kinds of application areas, ranging from computer applications, web services and information systems to the automotive or consumer electronics sector. A Master’s degree with the Software Technology specialization offers employment opportunities for software developers or consultants with a perspective on software-intensive high tech industry, as well as for researchers at the university of industrial research centers.

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