it management & Innovation

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Business Information Technology.

This specialization deals with the overall organization of business and IT. It focuses on business processes, strategies and mission, and explores how they can be effectively supported by IT systems.

How can IT be applied to deliver a set of high-quality services to a business? Which software systems should be installed to support particular business processes and services? How can a company’s web presence and use of social media be designed and implemented? Such questions have become key in modern companies, so much so that in future, organizations will not be able to survive without IT management professionals. This role requires knowledge of business processes and IT as an enabler of innovation and change. You will learn how strategies can be built using IT, and how e-commerce allows customers to be served on the web through IT. Using knowledge of finance and techniques from economics, you will master the skills needed to design a business case for IT projects. You will study the pros and cons of sourcing IT globally and the challenges of IT project management.

Specialization courses

In this specialization you will learn techniques that are applicable to large-scale IT and software development projects. Its carefully selected courses relate to the application and management of IT in organizations. In addition, the course on Software Management addresses the software development process and software quality.

Key research words

  • Development of innovative IT strategies for accelerating the business
  • Definition of business cases in which IT plays a central role

Right for you?

This specialization has been specially designed for students who want to learn how to advise businesses on IT and how to help them improve their performance by applying new IT systems or adapting existing ones. 

Career perspectives

Our graduates move on to exciting careers as IT Project Managers, IT Strategy Consultants, Social Media/E-commerce experts, or Researchers/Analysts in Management of IT

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