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Which of the two specialisations suits you best?

At the start of your Master’s in Business Information Technology (BIT), you need to choose a specialisation. This way, by personalising your programme, you get to develop your own expertise. Your choice determines part of the courses you will take and the type of research you will engage in during your master’s thesis. Whichever specialisation you choose, you will still be equipped to enter any area of business information technology, as the core of the programme combines courses of both specialisation fields. Additionally, you can choose courses of both specialisations in your elective space as well. 

This Master’s has two specialisations:

Data Science & Business

Big data has proven to provide valuable insights for many diverse business challenges, from predicting consumer behaviour to identifying risks to optimising business processes. The specialisation in Data Science & Business will give you in-depth insights into the complexity of manipulating, analysing and using big data for business purposes and helps you become an expert in data-driven decision making.

Enterprise Architecture & IT Management

What does it take to perfectly align (new) information systems with complex business processes? And how can you develop innovative IT architectures? The specialisation in Enterprise Architecture & IT Management focuses on the overall management and design of business and IT solutions within organisations, with the aim of improving business performance. You will get familiar with business processes, strategies and missions and explore how they can be effectively supported by IT.

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