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Enterprise Architecture & IT Management

This track focuses on the overall organisation of business and IT within organisations. If you choose this specialisation, you will become familiar with business processes, strategies and missions involving IT.

You will explore ways in which these can be effectively supported by IT systems, with the aim of improving business performance. On top of this, you will gain a deeper understanding of how IT can facilitate innovation.

In today’s global and competitive world, more and more companies are pursuing forms of seamless collaboration with the goal of offering leading services. In our Enterprise Architecture & IT Management specialisation, you will learn how IT infrastructure and software systems landscape can be configured to support business processes. You will analyse problems, such as lack of systems integration across supply chains, adoption and impact of e-commerce, innovation and entrepreneurship through new business models and e-strategies, the governance of enterprise security, or steering organisational changes by using extant enterprise architectures approaches and techniques. Your toolbox will include methods for the specification, design and implementation of information systems.

Using state-of-art theories and modelling languages, you will learn to design enterprise architectures and optimise the change processes. By aligning strategy, business processes, IT architecture and operational processes, you will be able to make IT work effectively. You will also learn how to build strategies using IT, and gain expertise in how IT enables businesses to serve customers online through e-commerce. Nevertheless we look beyond the borders of one organisation. Using IT to integrate business in a network of collaborating organisations (a ‘value net’) is another area in which you will develop expertise in this programme.

Specialisation courses

In this specialisation, you will take selected courses on information systems and techniques that are relevant to large-scale IT. These courses complement each other and cover the main techniques and systems for enterprise architecture and IT management.

Key research themes

  • Aligning business processes and IT-based services
  • Designing, planning and controlling business processes in various application domains, for example, transportation, supply chains, service logistics and healthcare logistics
  • Developing innovative IT strategies and business models for accelerating a business
  • Defining business cases in which IT plays a central role

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Should I choose Enterprise Architecture & IT Management?

Do you want to use your professional expertise to make sure that a company and its IT systems and strategy are on the same path, linking processes, strategy and business mission? Do you want to learn how to advise businesses on developing and maintaining IT, and on improving their performance by applying new IT systems or adapting existing ones? If so, the Enterprise Architecture and IT management specialisation is the right choice for you.

If not, maybe you'll prefer our specialisation in Data Science and Business.

Career perspectives

The majority of our graduates move on to exciting careers as IT Architects, Enterprise Transformation Consultants, Enterprise Integration Specialists, Researchers/Analysts in Enterprise Modelling, IT Project Managers, IT Strategy Consultants, Social Media/E-commerce experts, and Researchers/Analysts in IT Management. All in all, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from!

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