This specialisation belongs to the master's Business Information Technology.

This specialisation is about the use of process and data mining for the analysis and possible reconfiguration of organisations and their IT infrastructure. It addresses the complexity of manipulating, analysing and using ‘big data’.

Nowadays all kinds of data are being generated on the way people use business services, their preferences, how business processes are conducted, how enterprises interoperate, and so on. This vast amount of data (often dubbed ‘big data’) can be analysed using process-mining and data-mining techniques that enable business analysts to understand how a business is performing and to identify new opportunities. You will get to grips with advanced techniques used in databases that are capable of handling exceptionally big datasets, techniques for empirical research used to generate and analyse big datasets, and simulation techniques that allow the exploration of new business scenarios before new systems are actually built.

Specialisation courses

This specialisation features selected courses on the methods and techniques necessary to prepare you to perform business analysis using explorative and rational approaches appropriate to large amounts of data. It includes courses on data warehousing and XML databases, management of big data, empirical research and data analysis and simulation techniques, which cover the techniques and theories necessary to master and profit from big data.

Key research words

  • Exploiting big data to improve the business
  • Develop business strategies based on business analytics

Right for you?

If you want to be an expert in big data, one who is able to select and analyse vast amounts of data and employ this analysis in the service of businesses, then the Data Science and Business specialisation is the right choice for you.

Career perspectives

As a graduate of the Data Science and Business specialisation, you can look forward to an exciting career as a business analyst, business strategist, strategy consultant or as a researcher/developer of analysis techniques

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