Strategic Marketing & Servitisation

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Become a true business strategist, able to understand, create and deliver customer value from a service-dominant perspective.

Doing business in today’s world is not merely about delivering goods; providing service is the real core of sustainable value creation. So how can you enable businesses to keep creating and delivering that service value? And what technologies do you need in facilitating those services? In other words: how can you develop business strategies for understanding, creating and delivering customer value from a service-dominant perspective? That’s what the specialisation in Strategic Marketing & Servitisation (SMS) is all about.

This specialisation will help you become a business leader with a bird’s eye view of a company, the market it operates in and the need for digitally facilitated services. While many other specialisations zoom in on a specific aspect of running a company – such as finance, IT or human resources, SMS will give you a broad overview of both internal and external aspects of running a successful company in an ever-increasing digitalised world.

Within the specialisation in SMS, you will develop a role as a boundary spanner between an organisation and the environment it’s situated in. If you are just as interested in the external aspects of a company as the internal aspects, this specialisation is right for you.

Dr. Raymond Loohuis, senior lecturer and SMS track coordinator

What to expect?

Within this specialisation, it all boils down to one question: how can you be truly valuable to your customer? It forms the starting point of any business strategy. As a student, you will become skilled in analysing the needs and wants of the market as well as in converting the outcomes into effective business and marketing plans. Whereas other marketing programmes often focus on business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, this specialisation focuses on business development in a business-to-business (B2B) context for service firms and manufacturers. You will learn to analyse the whole range of – often highly interdependent and sometimes conflicting – factors involved in making strategic decisions, from internal business aspects to external market developments and supply chain issues.

Examples of courses you can follow during this specialisation:
  • What’s the relationship between organisations and their customers in a B2B context? And how can an integrated marketing strategy help to create value for your customer? That’s what the course B2B Marketing & Servitisation is all about.
  • Learn how to use forecasting tools and design innovative business models during the course Global Strategy & Business Development.
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Search Engine Marketing. The course Advanced Topics in Digital Marketing will teach you all about the latest trends and emerging technologies within Digital Marketing. Very useful when you work on the group assignment: improving the usability of an actual website!

Through many real-life cases, you will dive into ‘classic’ concepts such as brand management, business model innovation, customer relationships and global strategy making. Moreover, you will become familiar with more advanced (digital) topics, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, neuromarketing and, of course, (digital tools for) servitisation. You will learn how to anticipate such smart-technological developments and analyse their value for businesses. You will not only get taught by leading UT professors but also by guest lecturers from B2B markets. This way, you will get acquainted with real-life challenges and prepare yourself optimally for your future career.

What will you learn?

As a graduate of this Master's and this specialisation, you have acquired specific, scientific knowledge, skills and values, which you can put to good use in your future job.

  • Knowledge

    After completing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • possess expert knowledge in business service innovation;
    • understand how (external) environmental dynamics influence decision-making and business strategies;
    • have an overview of and understand (big) data-analysation tools and techniques that can be used for forecasting strategies, digital marketing and designing impactful digital service innovations.
  • Skills

    After successfully finishing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • are able to reason, reflect and form a judgement of new value propositions and their impact on customer value creation;
    • can perform market analysis and turn complex and ambiguous information into useful implications for strategy making and transforming businesses;
    • are able to define, contextualise and present actions to an expert audience, in order to follow up on solutions.
  • Values

     After completing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • have a bird-eye and holistic view on contemporary strategic marketing challenges;
    • have developed a role as boundary spanner at the intersection of an organisation and the external environment;
    • have a solution-oriented mentality and you know how challenges need to be addressed.

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