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Strategic marketing & Servitisation


Become an expert in strategically developing and driving servitisized business

Do you want to become a business leader with a bird’s eye view of your company, the markets it operates in, and need for digitally facilitated services in a constantly changing business landscape? Someone who can systematically analyse what customers value, and can enable businesses to keep creating and delivering that service value through digital technologies? Are you eager to gain the expertise and skills needed to succeed in this strategic business development, boundary spanning role? Are you looking for the go-to academic programme in business-to-business (B2B)marketing and business development? Then the one-year, English-taught Master’s track in Strategic Marketing and servitisation (SMS) – part of our Business Administration Master’s degree – is the right choice for you.

WHY STUDY Strategic Marketing and Servitisation (SMS) AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE?

There can be many reasons for you to sign up for the Strategic Marketing and Servitisation (SMS) Master’s specialization at the University of Twente. Discover the top three here.

  • Become an expert in helping businesses understand and create customer value

    This track takes you straight to the heart of doing business in an international, high-tech context where service provision through digital technologies (i.e. servitisation) is equally important as the delivering goods. While many Business Administration specializations zoom in on a single, often internal aspect of running a company – such as finance, IT, or human resources – the SMS track gives you a broad overview of both internal and external aspects of running a successful company in an ever increasing digitalised world. This will make a you true boundary spanner: you will be skilled in analysing the needs and wants of the market as well as in converting the outcomes into effective plans for creating and delivering value through servitisation strategies and smart business models. Throughout the programme, you will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence it takes to point the way forward for businesses to drive and thrive in smart industrial context.

  • Tap into leading research in business development and servitisation challenges

    Many marketing programmes focus on business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, with a strong emphasis on disciplines such as psychology and communication, and on the knowledge and skills it takes to sell things to consumers. In this track, the focus is on business development in B2B context for service firms and manufacturers. . You will learn to analyse the whole range of – often highly interdependent – factors involved in making strategic decisions, from internal business aspects to external market developments and supply chain issues. You will also be able to tap into – and participate in – important research conducted at our university in several key areas. Think, for example, of smart industry, prediction, servitization, e-strategizing and digitalization, or the emerging field of neuromarketing, with neuroscience-based technologies enabling us to analyse customer value at ever deeper levels. This track will solidly equip you to look at Business strategies from an academically grounded, 21st century point of view.

  • Benefit from an informal approach and highly personalized education

    The SMS track, like all of our Business Administration specializations, is small in scale. We view students as co-researchers, offering an informal atmosphere, an open-door policy, and more intensive personal guidance from staff than you will find elsewhere. On top of that, there is a lot of space for you in this programme to pursue personal interests, for example by combining different elective courses, or in selecting a topic for your Master’s thesis. One option within the SMS track is to follow our Marketing for Digital Businesses line, which ties in with the UT’s Communication Science Master’s. This programme will equip you to understand and adapt swiftly in a changing, tech-enabled marketing environment, to identify opportunities in a highly competitive global marketplace, and to be creative in the way you approach and communicate with customers.

 The Strategic Marketing and Servitisation track is part of our Master’s in Business Administration (BA). Discover what makes this BA Master’s different from other business programmes, or explore our other BA specializations

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