This track approaches Strategic Marketing Management from the perspective of international, high-tech business innovation. This specialization prepares students to engage the latest strategies and approaches in the area of marketing, to work effectively with information sources and information technologies in order to make better strategic marketing decisions and use sophisticated analytical practices to respond effectively to business changes.

This specialization is a part of the Master’s programme in Business Administration. If you are a current student of Business Administration at the University of Twente, you can find additional information about the programme on the programme website.

What is strategic marketing management?

Effective strategic marketing decisions depend upon the ability to understand customer value, including the creation and delivery of value. In this process, and considering that value cannot be created in isolation, companies must rely on existing or new networks, alliances and strong relationships with customers. The role of accurate and timely business information is considered essential in this endeavour. The lack of such information can lead companies to make poor strategic marketing decisions. While human interaction and face-to-face relationships remain important sources of business information in the ‘physical world’, the internet and IT-based systems are increasingly being regarded as strategically critical sources of business information. Internet technology enables companies to make drastic changes in their strategies through the instantaneous analysis and management of business information at several levels. This ‘virtual world’ is opening new opportunities for companies to increase their absorptive capabilities and to allow for the client customization and personalization that is essential to redesigning the organization and its services and products. Nevertheless, companies need both the ‘physical world’ and the ‘virtual world’ in order to thrive and to be successful within the increasingly agile global business contexts in which the understanding, creation and delivery of customer value remain the key objectives. This specialization addresses questions concerning how companies can integrate these two worlds in order to develop effective global strategies and stay ahead of the competition. 

Double degree in international marketing management

The University of Twente offers a double degree programme in collaboration with Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). Students completing this 120-credit programme receive two Master’s degrees:

  • MSc in Business Administration from the University of Twente (60 credits)
  • MSc in International Marketing Management (MIMM) from LUT (60 credits)

The duration of this master programme is two years, which entails a total of four semesters. Students are expected to stay two semesters at each university.

Read more information on this double degree.

Marketing for digital businesses

The Business Administration programme offers a shared specialization line called Marketing for Digital Businesses. The line is shared with the master pprogramme Communication Studies that offers the specialisation Digital Marketing & Communications. 

This programme is especially designed for future marketers who want to acquire the knowledge and skills that will allow them to operate successfully in a digitally transforming marketplace.

More information on the specialization Marketing for Digital Businesses.

Why study this specialization at the University of Twente?

The Strategic Marketing Manangement track in the MSc programme in Business Administration at the University of Twente is one of the highest level curricula within the multidisciplinary field of Strategic Marketing, Business Information and Internet Technology. This specialization is shaped by focused research and expertise involving the latest developments in the service-dominant logic applied in Marketing, E-Commerce, E-Strategizing, Internet-based Information services, Information-based Decision Making and Business Development in Networks. This combination makes the specialization unique in the international academic arena, and it addresses an important gap within an area in which most businesses are currently seeking specialists.

In line with the University of Twente’s concept of ‘Research-Design-Organize’, students choosing this track will be trained to function as business leaders, acquiring competence in conducting international and multidisciplinary research, in addition to using their abilities to manage both information technologies and marketing to design and organize innovative, value-creating organizations. 

This specialization offers unique opportunities to gain marketable skills in the synergetic areas of strategy making and business information management.

After graduation, our alumni have found careers in various functions relating to their disciplinary fields in large companies, as well as in entrepreneurial high-tech firms in the Netherlands and abroad.

Students in the Strategic Marketing Management track:

  1. learn from leading research experts in Strategic Marketing Development, Business Information, E-Strategizing;
  2. learn how to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world in developing effective national, regional and global corporate strategies;
  3. gain marketable multidisciplinary skills and become effective business managers based on the subject matter;
  4. learn from projects with real-world organizations and inspiring guest speakers from the business community;
  5. enjoy a carefully balanced study load across all the courses in this specialization.


  • Integrating aspects of modern digital business information with strategic marketing
  • Placing strategic marketing within technological and innovative business contexts from a network perspective
  • Developing critical analytical skills with which to assess the usefulness of business information in relation to strategic marketing decisions
  • Teaching students how to understand the concepts and how to apply, analyse and offer solutions based on real-world business situations (in each of the courses within this specialization)
  • Explaining information technologies for business from a critical perspective, thus allowing the development of realistic but future-driven visions for organizations

What will you learn?

You will learn to understand, seek and encourage business innovation and strategic change in a world that is becoming increasingly shaped by digitalization and by abundant yet ambiguous information. You will become aware of the intricacies of analysing and managing business information and how to relate such information to effective marketing strategies enabled by the physical and virtual worlds. You will learn to analyse complex business problems and offer recommendations based on a clear analysis of various situations. You will learn to develop a critical and future-driven view of information technologies for organizations and business. In doing so, you will develop the ability to support strategically important business decisions.


There are many career opportunities for graduates who understand the importance of marketing strategies and planning in digital and networked environments, as well as for those who understand and are able to use the various advantages of business information systems. Commercial organizations in the B2C and B2B domains, service organizations, consulting firms and nonprofit organizations are seeking marketers with advanced knowledge in business information and digital technologies, as well as business information specialists with an affinity for modern marketing methods and strategies. According to a recent study by the University of Southampton/School of Management, the field of marketing is becoming increasingly digital and information based. This trend is reflected in the nature of existing marketing-related vacancies.

Graduates of the Marketing Strategy and Digital Business track can work in various positions related to IT. The function of IT Project Manager has been identified as one of the five best jobs for the next decade. 

Examples of jobs

Although not all of the jobs mentioned below are necessarily available to graduates as first jobs, they reflect the wider possibilities that graduates can expect in the short and medium term.

In the domain of Business Information: Chief Information Officer (CIO), IT Project Manager, IT Policy Developer, Information Officer, Knowledge Manager, IT Consultant

In the domain of Strategy and Marketing: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Marketing Manager, Alliance Manager, Marketing & Sales Manager, Business Consultant, Strategy Consultant, Innovation Manager, Digital Marketing Consultant, E-Commerce Manager/E-Channels Manager, Social Media Marketer, Reputation Manager/Community Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, International Sales Manager, International Marketing Manager, Web Analyst, Online Marketer.

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