The link between Business and Engineering

Studying International Business Administration at a technical university has given me many unique experiences. The Green Team Twente is a prime example of what the University of Twente can offer, that most other business schools cannot.

Did you know that the University of Twente builds a car that can run for two hours using the energy equivalent in a Snickers Bar?

The Green Team Twente is a student racing team at the University of Twente, whose goal is to build one of the most efficient hydrogen cars in the world. Together with some of the university’s smartest minds in the field of engineering, we are trying to illustrate what the future of transportation might look like. As an International Business Administration student, I have had the privilege of joining this multidisciplinary team.

Building tomorrow’s car today, comes at a significant cost. Fund acquisition is therefore critical for the project. Skills learned through my course and previous experiences are essential. With over 40 active partners supporting the Green Team Twente, I have been engaged with an array of businesses from local printing companies to multinationals who have placed machines on Mars.

Public relations activities are vital for the team. I have had the honor of attending many conferences and have spoken to a wide range of people. The audiences vary from day to day, but can be anything from primary school students, owners and suppliers of tank stations, university professors, leading engineers in the field of sustainability, and even the former Queen of the Netherlands. Building a car that only uses 1/10 the power of a vacuum cleaner is pointless, unless people know about the internal technologies behind it. Therefore, public relations is key to the project.

My name is Ymiel van der Zanden and I study International Business Administration at the University of Twente. The University of H2 Dream Cars.

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