International Business Administration

Study programme BSc International business administration 

The International Business Administration programme takes three years to complete and is taught entirely in English. After successfully completing all courses and your thesis, you will receive a Bachelor of Science degree. Each year of study consists of 4 modules, each dealing with a different internationally oriented subject.

The first year

In the first year of your programme you will develop an understanding of all important functions within a modern company.

The second year

In the second year you will go into further detail concerning the different subjects by working on projects and assignments with national and international companies. You will be able to choose between different electives according to your specific interests

The third  year

In the third year you can choose between a semester abroad at one our many partner universities or a minor at the University of Twente. Finally, you will write a Bachelor’s thesis based on your own graduation project.

During all three years subjects are taught by University of Twente lecturers and by guest lecturers from the business community. Since learning from the professional sector is one of the key features of this programme, we regularly organize that you can get in touch with companies. This will for example be done by having company visits or case studies.  

The figure below shows a schematic representation of the study programme:



Our teaching staff is decidedly international, as is our student body. This creates a cosmopolitan and multicultural learning environment where you will polish your proficiency in English while honing your business acumen. Learning from the professional sector is one of the key features of this programme.


Teaching in the International Business Administration programme is organized according to the Twente Educational Model (TEM). Each ten-week module (15 credits per module) focuses on one theme. All lectures, practicals and projects are devoted to this theme.

Modules in the first year:

  • Technology, organizations and people
  • Business operations management
  • Finance, accounting and information systems
  • Human resources, organizational behaviour, law and information management.

The modules are designed to help you learn to work together in projects with your fellow students. In other words, you will not spend all day immersed in your books! Our goal is to encourage active learning, to help you discover where your strengths lie, and to use those strengths to succeed in business. You will have about 18 contact hours each week. Adding in your project work and independent study, your total study load will be about 40 hours per week.

Throughout your programme you will be supervised and coached by a group of young and enthusiastic lecturers. Assessment methods also vary, ranging from individual written exams to group assignments, and from oral exams to public presentations. You will also be actively involved in assessing your fellow students’ work (peer review), which will help you to develop your abilities to reflect on your own work and that of others.


In the Bachelor’s programme International Business Administration at the University of Twente, you will develop analytic and academic competencies that are essential for entering a Master’s programme or embarking on a professional career. Throughout the programme (and in all modules) you will spend a lot of time in the following areas:

  • Methods and Techniques for managing data analysis: data collection, statistics, theory, operationalization, measurement, retrieval of literature, research design;
  • International Business and Internationalization Skills  are related to managing business in international and global settings, including intercultural sensitivity;
  • Business Skills related to project management: writing reports, papers, presentations and computer skills;
  • Interaction with businesses, as in becoming acquainted with companies by conducting on-site research on-site and attending lectures provided by professional guests from the business community;
  • Professional and academic skills: during the programme, you will also develop your academic and professional skills, including writing, presentation, debating and negotiation, as well as your ability to work in a team, to collaborate, to give and receive feedback gracefully and constructively, and much more. As our programme is entirely English-taught, you will also gain perfect command of the language.


Studying is in itself a full-time job. As a student you are expected to be well-motivated and willing to invest time and energy in your studies. This does not mean that you shouldn’t take a weekend job or make time for a sport or hobby, but this should never interfere with studying. Project-led education is an intensive way of learning and a lot will be expected of you. However, after having put in all the effort, you will be able to look back on an exciting and memorable time at university.

In order to broaden your knowledge, the programme offers various study-related activities: 

Binding study recommendation

At the end of the first year of International Business Administration, you will be given a study recommendation (bsa) which is based on your first year results. You will get a positive recommendation if you have scored 45 out of the first year's 60 ECTS. Read more.


Read more information about the first year of the International Business Administration programme.

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