Usman Salim, United Kingdom & Pakistan

Usman Salim was particularly interested in the balance between theory and practice that the IBA programme offers. He likes the mix of essential theoretical knowledge while focusing on the practical implications of the theoretical concepts.

Unique programme

“IBA is a truly unique programme. When scouting my possibilities for  studying “Supply Chain Management” as a specialization, I learned that the University of Twente is among the top institutions in Europe offering this specialization at the Bachelor’s level. It was a straightforward choice.

Stuying in the Netherlands

For me, studying in the Netherlands is a unique experience. Self-study is a key aspect here. Students are to a certain extent expected to teach themselves, with the lecturers providing assistance and guidance. This is an important aspect which contributes to the personal development of the students and enhances their capabilities.

Helpful environment

This university is constantly trying to improve its standards and assistance is always provided to students when it’s required. The teaching staff is very helpful and accessible, which makes it easier for students when a problem occurs. 

Living and studying on the campus

Life and studying on campus is quite peaceful and can be a lot of fun. The atmosphere is relaxed yet stimulating. It allows students to remain focused on their respective study programmes, yet allows them to pursue other interests at the same time. Additionally, the city of Enschede may seem like a small city, but actually, it has a lot to offer students. The city grows on you and with time, it even begins to feel like home.”

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