"Hi! My name is Tessa and I am a first-year International Business Administration student. I grew up in the Dutch town of Emmen, and I like shopping, sports, doing fun things with friends and I have joined a student association. I’d like to tell you something about my experience with English in the programme.

As time passed, I noticed that it was getting easier to study in English, and that my English was improving!Laura

Less than a year ago I chose to study International Business Administration at the University of Twente. But there was a big obstacle: the entire programme is in English: the books, the lectures, the reports you have to write, and the discussions with your fellow students. I always had trouble with English in high school. I found the grammar pretty hard, and I also was afraid to speak English. My big concern was whether I would be able to study in English, and whether I would enjoy it. I gave the matter careful consideration, and finally decided to enrol.

And there I was in my first week at UT after a lovely summer holiday, just in time for the kick-IN. That’s an orientation week when you get to know your fellow students, the university and the city of Enschede. Although there were a lot of Dutch students, my project group consisted mostly of international students. I found it hard to speak, write, and read in English and it took a lot of time to write a report or read a book. But as time passed I noticed that it was getting easier to study in English, and that my English was improving.

I’ve noticed that a lot of students find it difficult to study in English, and that their English is not perfect either. Now I find studying in English to be a breeze, although I still make mistakes. I am now much more proficient at reading and writing, and I do not mind speaking English at all. So don’t worry! With a little perseverance, everything works out in the end."

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