Tessa and Carlijn

"Hi all! We’re Tessa and Carlijn and we’re two IBA students. The very first module of our freshman year was on Technology Organization and People (TOP). In this module we followed lectures about research methods and organization theory. We needed everything we learned in the lectures for the project we worked on at a company. We visited the company in the second week, and during this meeting we not only met key people, but we also visited the company’s work floor to see the big machinery and warehouse. The early visit to the company was very beneficial for our project because it helped us to gain insight into the type of company we were about to analyse for our project."


"Since the University of Twente is a technically oriented university, all project companies were manufacturing firms. We’re studying International Business Administration, so the companies were also multinationals, and all project groups consisted of members with various nationalities. The assignment was to analyse whether the company’s strategy was in line with its activities. In order to do so we applied the new knowledge from our module. Following our analysis, we were able to give the company recommendations about what they could do differently."


"A few weeks after the company visit we conducted two interviews with high-level managers. During these interviews we had the chance to gather missing information and to clarify our understanding of why the company made certain choices. For our final activity we organized a poster market with short presentations. Students and teachers attended, as did representatives from the various companies. This was a great way to round off the module, and a nice opportunity to mingle with potential future colleagues!"


"What we liked most about the project was that, even though we had only had ten weeks of coursework, our recommendations regarding the company’s strategy were on the mark! That was very encouraging because it showed us how much we had achieved in such a short time. The final result of ten weeks of work was a highly relevant report, a great poster presentation and a fantastic experience!"

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