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merve sahin, turkey

Hi everyone! I am Merve Sahin, a Turkish second year IBA student and I am currently in my 6th module, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. BOM (Business Operations Management) was the second module of my first year. This module in my opinion holds some of the most important core subjects in any type of business study. You get to learn which important business units a company holds and how each business unit must work in unison in order to create positive results for the company. 

How did you find the second module "bom"?

The BOM module at first is challenging for all the IBA students. The reason why it poses a challenge  is the fact that compared to TOP, there are 5 subjects instead of 2, a virtual game that most of the students never played or heard of before and a bigger workload that you have to handle on your own. After learning the general structure of a company in the TOP module , in BOM you get to take a closer look at the different processes within a company. The subjects are Operations Management,Purchasing and Supply Management,Supply Chain Management,Modelling of Operations and Probability and Statistics. The game is about managing your own virtual juice company in order to make the company profitable again. Its a great way of applying the learned knowledge in a practical way. The key aspect of the game is aligning all your decisions for each of the processes in order to create an optimal result for your juice company.

TOP module was a challenge because it was new and you had to get to know how the study generally works and figure out how and what you had to learn for your subjects, but BOM module requires you to do much more than that.

In BOM module you should make use of every opportunity where you can implement the knowledge you learn in the lectures and from your books. Tutorials are a great way to practice and also to ask questions.In this module you have to do a lot more self study and you also have to improve your time management in order to be able to stay on top of the workload.

do you have any tips for the first year students?

My tip for everyone would be to create a study group with your friends to help each other out. You might be very good at something your friend is not so good at and and vice versa. Together you can help each other overcome the obstacles that this module might present. For the project it is very important to meet with your project group regularly and learn the most out of this fun educating game! Most important thing to keep in mind is, you can get a lot more out of this module if you help each other out and learn together.

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