"Looking back on my three years of studying to get a Bachelor´s degree in International Business Administration (IBA), I can say that I gained a lot of valuable experience that has really contributed to my personal growth.

By the end of the first year, I had a clear view of how companies are structured and the various disciplines they are engaged in. Human Resource Management and Marketing turned out to be the most appealing fields to me, so I took them as specialization tracks in my second year, hoping to gain deeper insight in those areas.

During my IBA studies I gained a lot of valuable experience that has really contributed to my personal growthLeonine

By taking the risk of accepting a student job with a Dutch company, I was able to apply the knowledge I had acquired and to get in touch with business life. What I liked most about the third year is that we worked closely with some start-up firms, combining theory with practice to advise them on how to enter the market successfully. In the final phase of the programme, during which I had to write my Bachelor’s thesis, I did research on customers and companies coming together to develop products and services collaboratively.

Hard work pays off – after graduating, I was invited to the “International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing” in Prague to present my thesis there. This provided me with an opportunity to connect with international professors and PhD students from all over the world, to attend inspiring lectures and to engage in lively discussions about innovative marketing."

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