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Kimberley morris, netherlands

Hey, I’m Kimberley Morris and I’m a first year International Business Administration student at the University of Twente. I’ve just finished my third module called FAIS (Finance, Accounting, and Information Systems) and in this article I will tell you about my experience with FAIS.

What did you do in the third module FAIS?

In FAIS we had three central courses, which were Finance, Accounting, and Information Systems. These subjects help companies to determine their long-term success and they also contribute to the decision-making process. Furthermore, it taught us how to use internal information of companies for the purpose of planning, control, performance measurement and reporting. On top of these subjects, we also had a course Statistics and of course the project. 

What did you like most about the third module FAIS?

What I liked most about this module is the fact that we were ‘learning by doing’. For the subjects we didn’t just have to study text, but we also had to do exercises. For Information Systems for example, there were tutorials that taught us how to apply the theory and also allowed us to earn bonus points. Also for Finance, Accounting, and Statistics it was extremely important to keep up with the exercises.    

What did you find most challenging?

What I found most challenging about this module was the project. For the project we had to take on the role of business/financial analysts or junior consultants who were required to come up with new investment ideas. We could choose the company ourselves, but it had to be listed on a stock exchange. We had to find the information we needed ourselves from company reports, news items, ORBIS, etc., and I found this quite difficult. 

What did you learn from this module? / What are you going to do differently in the next module(s)?

The most important thing I’ve learned this module, is how to analyse financial information of a company and also where to find this information.

Even though I’ve already been studying at the University of Twente for a while, I still haven’t found the optimum way of managing my time. Therefore, this is definitely something I’m going to do differently next module.

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