José Arturo Morales Corral, MEXICO

"Going to university in the Netherlands was a life-changing experience. The environment forced me to develop myself, my mind, my thoughts, my opinions, and the way I was. I had to juggle aspects of life such as money, accommodation, health, relationships, family living far away and my future career plans. This can be quite chaotic, especially when “life happens” and the unexpected arises. But there are also benefits."

“The UT offered me the space to grow as an individual, to try new things and to meet new and amazing people on the road.”

Who am I, and why the Netherlands?

"Let me begin by telling you about myself, my name is José Arturo Morales Corral. I was born and raised in Mexico. Even as a kid I had the opportunity to travel and study around the world. Thanks to these experiences and my interest in global business potential, I decided to study Business Administration from an international perspective. You might ask why the Netherlands? Why not the USA, Canada or further afield in the UK? Everything about the Netherlands has made me fall in love with the place: the international feeling, the culture, and the entire multicultural experience. Moreover, I’ve been really impressed by the outstanding academic level here at UT, and I’m completely gobsmacked by the fact that most Dutch people speak a second language, and sometimes a third and fourth, with fluency and finesse."

My choice for the University of Twente

"I chose the University of Twente by coincidence. I had never even heard of Enschede before! I was really impressed by the structure of the IBA programme, especially compared to similar programmes at other universities. The first year is devoted to building basic knowledge and understanding what Business Administration is all about. In the second year you can choose from among a variety of specializations – in my case Supply Chain Management and Corporate and International Finance. Both fields were very interesting and I really would like to work in any of these areas. I still have a long way to go, but I am thrilled with the potential that the IBA programme has unlocked within me."

Shaping my life

"The University of Twente experience has been a real personal journey. I’ve had the opportunity to grow as an individual, to try new things and to meet new and amazing people along the way. This is a safe place to try new things, and to succeed alongside people who really care about you for who you are. It's a place where you are never far from a new opportunity or experience, and where hard work and dedication bring success and satisfaction."

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