jacqueline beck, germany

My name is Jacqueline Beck and I’m a first year IBA student. I just finished my first module called TOP (Technology, Organization and People) and in this article I’m going to share my experience with the module and the first weeks of the study.

What did you do in the first module “TOP”?

The first module is an introduction to International Business Administration. We learned a lot of theories and the basics of doing research. In the first module, TOP, you get to know how the IBA program is structured at the University of Twente and how studying at a university differs compared to high-school. The first module is divided into three parts: Organization Theory, Research Methodology and the project, which consisted in studying a company and its effectiveness.

What did you like most about the first module “TOP”?

In my opinion, one of the best parts of TOP was directly having the chance to use the theories we learned during the lectures, in a practical way in our project. Working together with a company really helped understanding the theories and it was a fun way of learning. Additionally, the first module ends in a perfect way with the poster presentation: even though we were graded that day, it was a great evening because we could show what we worked on during the module to our tutors, our fellow students and the companies representatives and the whole atmosphere was very relaxed.

What did you find most challenging?

Personally, I thought the most challenging part was to manage your time. The first module is all about working in an effective way and knowing when you should study. It might be overwhelming in the first weeks since there is a lot to deal with, but once you move on it becomes easier and after a while you don't even experience the stress you had in the beginning.

What did you learn from this module?  What are you going to do differently in the next module?

Now I know how to organize and manage my time. Additionally, I got a better understanding of how to work in a group, especially with people of other nationalities. TOP really helped me to get a new perspective of group work and organizing myself; I know now that you are expected to work hard yourself and that you're responsible for successfully completing the module.

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