meike kleinberns, GERMANY

Hi everyone, my name is Meike and I’m a second year IBA student from Germany. Currently I’m busy with finishing up the 7th module, Digital Marketing for Networked Businesses, and preparing for the next one.

Still, it feels like yesterday that I did the HOLI module, which I really enjoyed. During  HOLI you become a business consultant that can identify problems within a business situation and that can give advice in order to improve the initial situation. 

Therefore you will develop knowledge in Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Law and Information Management. Next to these four subjects, there will be also a Research Methodology course. These were all quite interesting ad important subjects and I was especially interested in Organizational Behavior as it addresses the behavioral patterns of managers and employees and shows how their performance can be improved.

What I also really liked about the module was the project. Like in TOP, you work together with a company that you meet, interview and get insights about. This time, you could even choose a company yourself.  In my opinion, doing this project work is always a great opportunity to get practical experience and deepen your knowledge in the domains by directly applying it to a real situation. Thus, in the HOLI project, we identified a problem within the context of the business and tried to find possible solutions by using the theories studied in the subjects while always staying in close contact to the partner company.

Do you have any tips for the first year students?

I think since this time you can choose your partner company by yourself, it is important to not just take the first one you can think of but rather make a selection and take the one where you can identify a good problem that you can work with properly and that appeals to you.

Moreover, it is the last module of the first study year. So don’t lay back and think that since you got through with BOM and FAIS, this will be easy. HOLI is still challenging, so keep track of what you have to study, do it early enough and put effort in it, because remember, after you are done the summer vacation is waiting for you!

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