Google Online Marketing Challenge 2016

From February to April 2016 the course Digital Marketing for Networked Businesses is offered as elective to the 2nd year IBA students. Part of the course is a group assignment: the students in groups  participate in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a yearly college students competition organized by Google for groups of students from all over the world.

The participating student groups must prepare and run a 3 week AdWords campaign with a budget of $ US 250 (provided by Google) on behalf of a real company or an non-profit organization. The course planning is that the campaign will run around 14 March to 3 April 2016.

Participation does not involve any cost from the part of companies. Every company / organization can participate: small, medium or large; The partner company / organization must have not have run any AdWords campaign the last 6 months before the competition starts. We expect to have around 15 groups so we will need max 20 companies. We try to place in every group a Dutch-speaking student but it would be nice if the contact person of the company speaks English.  In order to get an idea I send you the list with the companies that participated in the challenge last year. The experiences were very positive, I send you an invitation for a Google drive directory where I have two unedited films from interviews with company representatives after the symposium

The role of the participating business is to have an introductory meeting with the group and a few contacts during the project in case of questions or problems. I expect a minimum of disruption for them, at least this was the experience of last year. All learning and other necessary activities will take place during the course and the students will be supervised by us during the project. Also the groups will be lectured in advance about Search Engine Marketing and Google AdWords by the top partner of Google in The Netherlands last year, the Nijhuis Team in Borne. In order to get the maximum results for the companies from the AdWords campaign it is necessary that the students will have access to the Google analytics of the partner’s web site. The groups of students are very motivated to score high because their campaign quality will be reflected in their grades.

The students will do all the work required, will write the necessary reports  and present their work in a closing symposium where also the companies will be invited.

 The advantage for participating in this campaign for Kennispark  Twente  businesses is that the group will develop for them a free online marketing campaign using AdWords and help increase the traffic to their web site. Companies can attract new visitors in their web site by means of exposure to  Google search results. Companies who are not familiar with Google AdWords will be able to get in touch with this and see if this is something to use in the future as marketing tool online.

We try to get local companies involved as a very nice example of cooperation between the UT and the Twente businesses.  As to the deadline It would be nice to have the final list of the participating companies in the beginning of December.

More information? Please contact Dr. E. Constantinides

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