After the Bachelor's Industrial Design Engineering

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After getting your Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, you can specialise by pursuing a Master’s degree. Most students choose to do this. You can follow a Master’s at the University of Twente, at another Dutch university, or at a university abroad. Some bachelor’s graduates enter the job market straight away or start their own business.

Further Studies

Most people who graduate from the Bachelor’s in IDE enter our two-year, English-taught Master’s in Industrial Design Engineering. This Master’s is a perfect follow-up to the Bachelor’s. Another popular choice is the Master's in Mechanical Engineering. With your Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, you can enter most engineering & technology master’s, provided you first complete a pre-master’s programme. 

Popular Master's after this bachelor's

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  • Industrial Design Engineering

    Combine design and engineering in creating innovative products that enrich people’s lives. During this two-year Master’s, you learn to optimise both products and the development processes involved.
    3 SpecialisationsMSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish

    Emerging Technology Design

    What are the latest technological breakthroughs and how do you use these in developing products? The Master’s track Emerging Technology Design turns you into a technology-oriented design engineer.
    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish

    Human Technology Relations

    This Master’s track helps you to become a people-oriented design engineer. You learn to understand the needs and wants of people and can convert this into products.
    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish

    Management of Product Development

    This Master’s track enables you to become a process-oriented design engineer that knows how to handle the bigger picture of the development of new and better products.
    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
  • Mechanical Engineering

    Become an expert mechanical engineer that focuses on the futureproof design, analysis and maintenance of machinery, structures, products and production processes.
    7 SpecialisationsMSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish


    The specialisation in Aeronautics will turn you into an expert in the development of new high-tech applications in which aerodynamics interact with acoustics, structures, and propulsion.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time

    Design & Manufacturing

    In this specialisation, you will gain a bigger understanding of design and production processes and manufacturing facilities as a whole, by focusing on their methodological design.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time

    Energy & Flow

    If you want to contribute to the development of sustainable energy systems, processes, and equipment with high performance, and minimal environmental impact, this specialisation is the right choice.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time

    High-Tech Systems & Materials

    This broad, yet profound specialisation will help you understand the behaviour of materials and systems to ensure optimal interaction and performance within products and manufacturing processes.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time

    Maintenance Engineering & Operations

    This specialisation will help you to come up with innovative solutions to improve the maintenance of machinery, structures and production facilities, to enhance performance of a system and company.
    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish

    Personalised Health Technology

    If you want to build expertise in the domain of healthcare technology as a mechanical engineer, this specialisation is right for you.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time

    Smart & Sustainable Industry

    This specialisation focuses on the development, analysis, simulation and control of innovative and digitally-driven production systems.
    MSc2 yearsFull-time

Other Master’s, elsewhere in The Netherlands or abroad 

Of course, with your Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering you can also continue on to master’s in different fields, at other universities, in the Netherlands or abroad. 

A master’s, such as Biomedical EngineeringInteraction TechnologySustainable Energy TechnologyEnvironmental and Energy ManagementPsychology, Philosophy, or Business Administration, is also possible. In most cases, you have to take a tailored pre-master’s first. This also applies to master’s at other (inter)national universities.

Finding a job after the bachelor's Industrial Design Engineering

Most students do not enter the job market until they have a Master's degree, although you can do so after your Bachelor's. Our programme equips you to design smart products, with an eye for the overall design process. You will find plenty of job opportunities, also in Twente, the fastest-growing industrial region in the Netherlands. You’re likely to end up working in a position in which you can, literally and figuratively, shape the future as a designer who is comfortable with all aspects of the product development process and can operate across the boundaries between different disciplines. 

Well-known companies that have hired graduates from our programme include Audi, Thales, Heinz, Unilever, Vredestein, Bang & Olufsen, and TNO.

Start your own company

You can also start your own business with a solution that you have developed. The UT enjoys recognition as ‘the most entrepreneurial university’ in the Netherlands. We are strong in the application of expertise to meaningfully influence society. Together with our students, we like to work with the innovation specialists from Novel-T, who like to tap into promising innovative business cases.

 Spin-offs from the Bachelor’s programme Industrial Design Engineering

Examples of spin-offs that have come out of this programme include Aryzon, a producer of Augmented & Mixed Reality headsets, CodeSandbox, an online code editor for programmers, and Exintec, a technical consulting and support firm.

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