European Public Administration

programmes after the bachelor's programme European Public Administration

Many of our graduates choose to do a Master’s programme before entering the job market in order to hone their skills and develop a specialization. In the Bachelor’s programme European Public Administration at the University of Twente you get to choose between two specialization tracks. They are design to prepare you for either of the following two Master’s programmes:

  1. Global and European Studies
  2. Public Administration

Each of these two Master’s programmes offers you a unique opportunity to further specialize in a domain that fascinates you. As a Master’s student you will combine the best of our expertise at the University of Twente and do research for public or private organizations in domains such as: water, energy, and sustainability; public affairs and e-government; safety, security, and cybercrime; science  and technology policy; international relief and development; and health sciences. The Global and European Studies programme even allows you to obtain a Double Degree diploma from the University of Twente and our German partner university, Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster.

Another option, provided you choose the right elective courses, is to enter an alternative Master’s programme here at the UT, or elsewhere, such as: Communication Science, International Business Administration, or even Construction Management and Engineering. 

The Master’s programme in European Studies

The University of Twente’s Master’s in European Studies will equip you for a career with a European organization, a national government, a private firm, a non-profit organization or an NGO. Among these organizations there is a growing demand for professionals with the right knowledge, insights and skills to help manage Europe. The programme offers you the option of obtaining a Dutch or a German degree; the latter option takes an additional six months. For more information, visit the web page for the Master’s programme in European Studies.

The Master’s programme in Public Administration

The University of Twente’s the Master’s programme in Public Administration will equip you to tackle today’s most pressing political and administrative challenges, giving you the skills and conceptual tools to engage in descriptive, explanatory and normative research and analysis of the political and administrative issues of our time.

Other Master’s programmes

There are more Master's programmes that link up nicely to the Bachelor’s degree in European Public Administration. If you would like to know more, please visit our Master’s website, where you can find information on all the Master’s programmes offered by the University of Twente.

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