Modern workplace Window 10: quick reference first time log on

Quick reference 1st-time log-in to new UT Modern Workplace  

1. After powering on the notebook for the first time, choose and select United States-International and answer yes in “Is this the right keyboard layout”.

2. Choose Skip in “Do you want to add a second keyboard layout” or you could choose an additional keyboard here if this applies to you.

3. It is mandatory to connect to the Internet first, for example, use WIFI or a docking station connected to the network.)

4. For the first login use your employee UT e-mail address and enter your password. (you might receive an MFA message, which in that case you have to approve through the authenticator)

5. On the first login, your user profile will be created and this profile is provided with the latest settings and policies and you will also receive administrator rights on the workstation. this process may take several minutes. Please wait patiently until the Windows desktop appears.

6. After the Windows desktop appears, a number of installations and policies may become active in the background in de next 15 minutes. You can already use the workspace in the meantime (For example the installation of Software Center which after a few minutes becomes available in the Windows start menu)

7. If Onedrive does not already automatically sign in, sign into Onedrive with your UT e-mail address . The Desktop, Pictures and Documents folders will be redirected to your University of Twente OneDrive a few moments after logging in.

8. The advice is to use eduVPN (Institute Access) so that you always have full and secure access to University of Twente resources.

9. Before using Outlook, it is also best to connect to eduVPN first (see 8.) Should the following screen appear (often the case if VPN is not used), enter your password and check the box “Remember my credentials”  and press OK. This screen may appear multiple times. Please enter your password each time and check the box “Remember my credentials”.

10. It can sometimes happen after a restart that you see the following similar message. Then click on this message and on the next screen click on “fix now”. In most cases this has to do with the account needing an MFA approval.

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