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As a teacher or researcher you will regularly need literature that you cannot access or borrow right away as an employee or student of the University of Twente. For options on borrowing literature, please consult this page. In case you need or want to have permanent access to literature that's currently not in the collection, the University Library can help you out.

  • Literature for individual use

    In your role as teacher or researcher you might want to purchase a book to review its value for a course or because it contains relevant information for your research project. For a price indication per option (print or digital, limited or institutional access) you can contact the staff members of Content Management by sending an email to  

    When you contact Content Management, please give a clear description of the literature you'd like to get access to, paying attention to the exact title of the book and the edition. In case you need advice on finding appropriate literature for a course or another academic purpose, you can always contact the Information Specialist of your faculty.  

    Print books for personal use are in general not paid for by central library budgets. If you purchase a reasonably priced ebook with institutional access, faculty budgets might be available. You can check this with the Information Specialist of your faculty.  

  • Mandatory literature for courses

    As a teacher you can list mandatory literature for students in your course description in Osiris. Staff members of Content Management will check if this mandatory literature in Osiris can be made available to students digitally. If this is not possible, for example if institutional access is not among the options provided by the publisher, or if the costs are unusually high (mandatory literature is paid for from central library budgets), you will be notified. Alternatives could be to:  

    • Share sections of this specific work with students as pdf's via Canvas, taking into consideration the rules for use of copyrighted material. You can read more about this option on this page.  
    • Check if other literature is already available or can be made available digitally to all students at a reasonable price. To find out which e-books we have access to at the University of Twente, consult this page before you start searching via FindUT (direct access) or via another search engine.  

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