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Below you will find the charges for various services offered by the University Library.  Please be aware that instructions regarding these services can be found elsewhere on the University Library website. For the services listed here only debit card payments are accepted.

  • Access to the University Library
    • Students and staff: free (student or employee card is also your library card) 
    • Visitors: € 15 (rates may differ for businesses or institutions) 
    • Saxion students: € 3
  • Lending books

    Fees will only be applied when the item is not returned within the appropriate time frame despite several reminders. The replacement costs will then be applied. 

  • Printing, copying and scanning
    • Students can use Multifunctional Printers (MFP) for students. These are recognizable from the post with chip card reader that is positioned next to the MFP. Students will get 125 printing units to use at the MFP. For more info, please consult this page.   
    • Employees can print, copy, scan and fax documents. As an employee you can use all multifunctional printers (MFP) on the campus. The MFPs are paid by your unit. In addition to a fixed monthly amount, there is a payment for each printout, scanning is free of charge. For more info, please consult the printing documentation page.   
  • Borrowing books from other libraries
    • From libraries in the Netherlands: € 13 (per volume) 
    • From libraries abroad: € 30 (per volume) 
  • Photocopies from other libraries
    • From libraries in the Netherlands: € 6,50 (per article) 
    • From libraries abroad: € 15 (per article) 
  • Apply for an ISBN

    Costs for applying for an ISBN are € 43. (Application form)

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