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The Tenure Track position is open to highly talented academics with the potential to become a professor. As an indication, the Tenure Track for a candidate starting at the level of Lecturer runs for ten years, upon successful completion of which the candidate will be promoted to the position of Professor. This type of tenured position starts with a temporary employment with the UT for a period of up to seven years. Contrary to other countries, the Tenure Track at the UT is not terminated once the candidate's employment becomes permanent. If positive results are achieved, the Tenure Track guarantees the candidate a position as a Professor.

People from various academic levels, dependent on their experience and achievements in previous positions, can enter the Tenure Track. Per career step, clear and individual performance agreements are made with the Tenure Track candidates. Extraordinary talents can complete the track in a shorter period of time if they meet the requirements.

Talented academics who are allowed to participate in the Tenure Track can count on a warm welcome and thorough assistance. Tenure Track candidates, or 'Tenure Trackers', can participate in individual coaching sessions and the mentor programme through the Career Development Centre. Moreover, they can participate in one of many training programmes offered by the Centre for Training & Development, such as a programme on how to obtain grants.


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