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Recording and DIY solutions

Creating video's

The DIY studio is meant for creating micro-lectures or live presentations. The one-button approach makes it easy for a teacher to record a micro lecture or set up a live presentation via MS-Teams or Zoom. Recordings are performed with no crew and no editing is needed. An easy-to-use system allows for the creation of professional-level ‘templates’ – including all the transitions, animations, titles, and animated elements. The teleprompter offers voice recognition functionality and automatically scrolls through the script in accordance with your pace of speech.  


The locations where a micro-lecture can be recorded are The DYI studio in the Spiegel 206 or the studio Spiegel 200. A micro-lecture consists of a total of seven minutes of video material. The recording will take place without an audience, in a well-lit studio with a member of the video team. The DIY studio is self-supported.


Zoom is a video communications platform. It can be used for non-confidential one-on-one or group meetings. Also see: Zoom general information/FAQ

MicroSoft TEAMS

You can use Teams to invite your colleagues to chat, meet, call and work together. This can all be done in one place, wherever you are. Also see: Microsoft Teams general information and FAQ

Video storage and managing your video's

Faculties and service departments can use the LISA accounts to upload videos to the Vimeo server. LISA can upload the videos, but the account can also be shared to allow faculty staff to upload the video(s) themselves. LISA makes sure sufficient accounts and uploads possibilities are available. 


Due to accessibility guidelines, subtitles are required for videos on (semi-)government websites. Besides that, most people are not able to turn on their sound when they watch video's on Social Media because they keep the sound off in the office or during a train/bus ride. Therefore it's important to add subtitles to all videos. YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook let you upload separate files for subtitles, but in Instagram, they need to be included in the video. Requirements for videos on UT websites.

Video team: members/contact

“To support teaching staff with their online teaching activities, the TELT team has created this dedicated webpage with recommended tools for online teaching.”

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