Everyone living or working in the Netherlands is obligated to have healthcare insurance.

Under specific circumstances, such as in case of a paid appointment, employees are obliged to take out Dutch basic healthcare insurance. In such cases, just like any Dutch resident, the employee may choose the health care insurer he wishes to do business with.

Collective Health Care Insurance

The University of Twente has taken out a group health care insurance policy with health care insurer Menzis for its staff and their family members. You can find more information regarding the collective health care insurance on the page beneath.

Healthcare insurers are obliged to accept anybody at a fixed premium for basic health insurance cover. Young people under the age of 18 do not have to pay this premium. People with low incomes may be entitled to care benefit as a contribution to the cost of healthcare insurance. In some cases (where the flow sheet does not produce a result, for example in the case of unpaid scientific researchers), a student may ask the Social Insurance Bank to assess whether he/she needs to participate in the Dutch national insurance scheme. If that is the case, then that student has the right and is obliged to take out basic healthcare insurance.

Other health care insurance policies, including private health care insurance

Individuals who are not obliged to take out Dutch basic health care insurance (unpaid scientific researchers, for example) and to whom the health care insurance in the country of origin does not provide coverage, must take out another health care insurance policy. Various insurance companies offer policies for international insurance. The University of Twente has assessed the insurance packages and insurance conditions of AON: AON Insurance.

In need of help?

The HR department of your faculty can inform you whether you are obliged to take out Dutch basic health care insurance.