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Knowledge institutions join forces for Centre of Expertise 'Accelerating energy and resource transition'

A leap towards a more sustainable future was taken yesterday when Saxion, University of Twente and ROC van Twente signed a joint covenant: 'Acceleration of Energy and Resource Transition'. This is more than just a signature, it marks the beginning of a new chapter in which these knowledge institutions will work together with public and private partners to set up a Centre of Expertise for the Acceleration of Energy and Raw Materials Transition.

The goal is clear: to become climate-neutral and fully circular by 2050. This will require a huge effort on all fronts, from local communities to international collaborations. On a regional level, this demands a lot from knowledge institutions; they are now joining forces to play a crucial role in this transition.

Saxion, University of Twente and ROC van Twente recognise their responsibility in this issue. They are aware of the need to train professionals, upskill them and develop knowledge that will accelerate the transition. The Centre of Expertise will become a breeding ground for regional cooperation in research and education, with the mission to contribute to accelerating the energy and raw materials transition in the eastern Netherlands.

What does this collaboration look like? The answer lies in Learning Communities. Here, companies, educational institutions and research institutes come together to innovate, develop knowledge and train people for the jobs of the future. Connecting working, learning and innovation accelerates the circulation of knowledge and creates a flexible workforce ready for tomorrow's challenges.

A representative group of public and private partners has been approached and wants to commit to developing the Centre of Expertise. Together, they will work to develop customised versions of Learning Communities that directly address the needs of businesses and governments.

With initiatives such as the HydrogenHub Twente, BouwHub Rijssen and SmartEnergyHub, these partners show that they are ready to take on the challenges of the energy and raw materials transition. By working together, innovating and learning, they are taking a powerful step forward towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

L.P.W. van der Velde MSc (Laurens)
Spokesperson Executive Board (EB)