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UT scientists involved in three Gravitation projects

Seven consortia with top scientists from various Dutch universities will receive a total of 160.5 million euros. As part of the Gravitation programme, they can carry out pioneering research over the next ten years. The University of Twente is involved in three of the projects: Mireille Claessens is a co-applicant of the FLOW project, Ellen Giebels is part of the Adapt! project team and Serge Lemay is part of the ANION consortium.

Minister Dijkgraaf (OCW) is making this funding available for researchers from one or more disciplines who work together in consortia. This promotes innovation, excellence and international positioning of Dutch research. NWO carried out the selection process for Gravitation.


Health is not a given as it often is challenged by the body’s own proteins. To prevent harm, cells have a vast quality-control system in place that supports, corrects, or removes damaging proteins. Failure of this quality-control system results in many diseases including Alzheimer, Parkinson, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, and some emphysemas. We aim to understand so much of the effects and machinery of the quality-control process that we can take a step towards preventing and curing diseases.

Main applicant: prof.dr. Ineke (L.J.) Braakman, Utrecht University. Co-applicants: prof.dr.ir. Mireille (M.M.A.E.) Claessens (UT), prof.dr. Friedrich (F.) Förster (UU), dr. Mark (M.S.) Hipp (UMCG), prof.dr. Stefan (S.G.D.) Rüdiger (UU), prof.dr. Alfred (A.C.O.) Vertegaal (LUMC)

Adapt! Preparing societies for future crises 

The open society is increasingly threatened by crises such as pandemics, terrorism, floods, and earthquakes. The future of the open society depends on their adaptability to prepare for these crises. Adapt! investigates the role of cultural, social, and governmental capabilities of a society in the response to crises. Together with citizens and frontline professionals, the Adapt! consortium will translate research findings into tools and strategies that help societies navigate through crises.

Main applicant: prof.dr. Beatrice (B.A.) de Graaf, Utrecht University. Co-applicants: prof.dr. Arjen (R.A.) Boin (UL), prof.dr. Kees (C.) van den Bos (UU), prof.dr. Ellen (E.) Giebels (UT), prof.dr. Lotte (L.) Jensen (RU), dr. Rik (R.) Peels (VU)

ANION: Advanced Nano-electrochemistry Institute Of the Netherlands 

A large-scale energy transition of society requires efficient electrochemical processes for generating, converting, and storing sustainable energy. Unfortunately, existing electrochemical processes have serious limitations and are inadequate to meet the grand challenges ahead. At present there is insufficient knowledge of the processes occurring in electrochemical systems at the smallest scale to fundamentally improve these processes. In this multidisciplinary fundamental research program, chemists and physicists lay the foundation for new efficient electrochemical technologies designed to dramatically reduce humanity's carbon footprint.

Main applicant: prof.dr. Marc (M.T.M.) Koper, Leiden University. Co-applicants: prof.dr. Petra (P.E.) de Jongh (UU), prof.dr. Huib (H.J.) Bakker (UvA/AMOLF), prof.dr. Moniek (M.) Tromp (RUG), prof.dr. Peter (P.G.) Bolhuis (UvA), prof.dr. Serge (S.G.) Lemay (UT)

About the Gravitation programme

Minister Dijkgraaf on the importance of Gravitation for the Netherlands: "With investments like this, we ensure that we in the Netherlands remain among the world's scientific top. This not only provides important new insights, but also strengthens our economy. And it brings innovations from which we all benefit. I am proud that we have such scientific talent in our own country. It is not something that can be taken for granted. Truly something to be cherished."

With Gravitation, the government promotes excellent research in the Netherlands. It is intended for scientific consortia that are among the world's top in their field or have the potential to reach that place. It involves funding from the first flow of funds (directly through the central government). NWO was asked to carry out the selection procedure for Gravitation, which set up an independent committee of top international scientists to do the assessment. 

L.P.W. van der Velde MSc (Laurens)
Spokesperson Executive Board (EB)