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Renovation Cubicus Drawing up the functional programme of requirements

In an earlier post on the intranet, information was given about the renovation of Cubicus. This mentioned why Cubicus is being renovated and what the process of the renovation looks like. The working group, in collaboration with the RYSE agency, is currently drafting the functional Programme of Requirements.

Important pillars central to the drafting of the functional Programme of Requirements are:

By discussing different situations in working sessions, a picture of the preferences for the building to be renovated is drawn up. The working group has an ambassadorial role in this. They take wishes on behalf of colleagues that are incorporated into the functional Programme of Requirements. It is important to prepare the renovation and temporary accommodation well together. Input can be included via the working group and we ask everyone to contribute to this. Once the draft Schedule of Requirements has been drawn up, it will be shared. What exactly it will look like will follow at a later stage.Planning

The move from Cubicus to the temporary accommodation Capitol 15 will take place next summer (2024). The summer period is a quiet period with which we hope the move will have the least impact on your work during this period. The renovation is expected to be completed by early 2027.

Most colleagues currently working in Cubicus will move to Capitol 15. The Kop van Langezijds will also be made available as temporary accommodation. Exactly who will go where is not clear at the moment. Discussions still need to be held with the various user groups. Once that inventory has taken place and more information is known, you can read about it on the Service Portal and intranet, among other places.

Read more about the LTSH and all (current) projects at www.utwente.nl/ltsh.

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