Long Term Strategy for Housing

Long Term Strategy for housing

Current projects, renovation and other projects

  • Projects that have been started in the recent period and are nearing completion or have just started have of course the first priority within the new LTSH. This concerns the relocation of the University College Twente to the Drienerburght building. 
  • The construction phase for the renovation of the ‘Langezijds’ for housing ITC is in full swing. The occupation of the building by ITC is scheduled mid 2021.
  • Other existing projects include the realisation of a homebase in Carré for TNW, renovation of the ‘Boerderij’ building, a team hall for the student teams and the water sports complex.

Programme approach

A Programme Team has been established to monitor developments relating to the university’s real estate portfolio and to make preparations regarding decision-making and stakeholder participation in the various sub-projects.
The Programme Team consists of:

  • Nico-Tom Pen (Programme Director and Chair),
  • Ineke Booijink (Finance),
  • Ray Klumpert (Campus & Facility Management),
  • Amir Ametovic (Strategy & Policy),
  • Bertyl Lankhaar (Marketing & Communication),
  • Marije Rosens (Secretary). 

The Programme Team will ensure that the subsequent process of implementing the LTHS is incorporated into the University of Twente’s regular Planning and Control cycle. The realization of all aspects of the LTHS will be optimally phased and planned (both financial and substantive aspects) via annual plan ‘Development of Housing and  Real Estate’ and the annual budget, both of which may be amended on an annual basis.

The Programme Team will report to the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee consists of:

  • Mirjam Bult (vice chair of the EB and chair of the Steering Committee)
  • Pim Fij (Campus & Facility Management) 
  • Robert Ree (Finance)
  • Derek-Jan Fikkers (Strategy & Policy)

Nico-Tom Pen will attend the Steering Committee on behalf of the Programme Team.

A review committee is established, to help prioritizing the other projects in the LTSH. This board consists of representatives of faculties, support services, University Council and Student Union.