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Join the Info Session on Veni Talent Programme

SBD-Grants Office invites all early career researchers at UT to join the  Info Session on the Veni Talent Programme on Tuesday, 9 May 2023 from 15.00 to 17.00 or Friday 12 May from 9:15 to 11:15. Please, save the date in your calendar and register for this event here.

On the Veni

The Veni grant is an instrument of the Talent Line of NWO. It focuses on researchers up to 3 years after their PhD promotion date (extensions exist) to help them get funding for their individual research project. You will need an innovative research idea and a competitive CV to be successful.


  • Preproposal deadline: 5 September 2023
  • Full proposal deadline: 23 January 2024


The info session focuses on the details of the Veni 2023 application. It covers strategic and practical input on the Veni programme and the requirements for the pre-proposal, including the required embedding guarantee. SBD-Grants Office invites all those interested in joining the event, where we will inform you on:

  • Veni: main features and novelties
  • Specifics of the Veni funding instrument and process: pre- and full proposal
  • SBD-Grants Office support for Veni applicants 2023.

Practical information

You have two slots to join the session. The first session is on 9 May and will be on campus, and the second session is on 12 May and will be given online. These are the same sessions, so pick the most suitable slot for you. The online session will be recorded, so if you would like to receive the recording (if you can’t join), please register for the online session so you receive the recording automatically.

After the info session, for those continuing with a submission in 2023, you can join the masterclasses to help you write a competitive Veni application.


For more information on the info session, please contact SBD-Grants Office via grants‑office@utwente.nl