VENI Masterclass

The Veni info-session registration has passed, but joining in for support from the grants office for your Veni application is still possible.

Please register here: SBD - Intranet (


Increasing your chances in acquiring a VENI grant by:


This masterclass will train you in the procedures. evaluation criteria and writing of a VENI Talent Scheme application. The VENI application consists of two phases: the first step is the submission of the pre-proposal (5 September 2023) and, if selected by the NWO committee, a full proposal (January/February 2024).

You will be trained in all different aspects of grant writing, necessary for a successful VENI proposal. The kick-off of these masterclasses will be in May 2023, after which several assignments and sessions will follow to support your application process. The first session is a general introduction to the Veni scheme which will be given twice to allow you more opportunities to join in.


This full training for the VENI is given by the UT Grants Office and external consultants.

By registering for this VENI masterclass you will enroll in the first information session covering the Talent Scheme of NWO and Veni procedures. After which those going forward with the Veni, will enroll in the full masterclass. Please take into account that participation in the masterclass will take about +-/ 80 hours throughout the year, covering active participation during sessions and possible assignments to prepare before sessions.

The faculty can provide more information about faculty support and embedding guarantee for the VENI grant. The embedding guarantee is a mandatory commitment you need to get from the faculty in order to be able to submit a VENI application. Please be aware that this procedure might take time and needs to be started as early as 4 months before the first submission deadline in September. Express your intentions for submitting a Veni therefore well in advance in your group.

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  • Programme is for

    Researchers from the University of Twente (or applying with UT as host) with a competitive CV and an innovative research idea who are considering applying for an NWO-VENI grant 2023.

    Eligibility is max. 3 years after promotion on 1 January 2023. Extensions for sick leave and children may apply for candidates considering eligibility. If you are unsure, please check your eligibility with the eligibility calculator in the Teams GO support hub/ [NWO] General, files tab. Not yet a member of the Teams GO support hub, request participation via

  • Date

    The Veni info-session registration has passed, but joining in for support from the grants office for your Veni application is still possible.

    Please register here: SBD - Intranet (


    Dates of later sessions will be held in June, November, and December. All those registered and eligible get an invitation to join the masterclass

  • Course fee

    This training will be paid from central funds

  • Maximum participants

    There is a maximum for the session on Campus and no maximum for the online session

  • Trainers

    Noortje van der Knaap, grants advisor

    Aya van den Kroonenberg, senior grants consultant, Yellow Research

  • Course materials

    Course materials will be provided before and during the training

  • Requirements

    The attending researcher is eligible to apply for an NWO-VENI grant. 

    Upon registration, please email a recent resume and your promotion date to

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