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Month of Education: an inspiring start

This week the Month of Education started. On campus many colleagues gathered for inspiring sessions on the day's themes 'Digitalisation' and 'Lifelong Learning'. A great start of the event. People were pleased to be able to meet physically again and to exchange knowledge and discuss the future of education in this way. An intense day, but very valuable.
On Tuesday 24 May, the day's theme is 'Challenge-Based Learning' and there are workshops Virtual Reality and Lightboard. So, sign up quickly!

Response of one of the participants: “It’s great to see what colleagues are doing on education. The digitalisation day showed really good examples of tailoring technology to address specific groups of students. It also shed a light on some blind spots of which I was unaware. It was all about things which I can put to use immediately!”

Tuesday 24 May
Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) is student driven, but how does CBL support the learning process of our students? What are the differences and similarities between CBL and problem-based learning? You can find that out on 24 May:

  • Tracy Craig will kick off by giving practical suggestions on implementing CBL in the peer-reviewed literature.
  • Janneke Ettema about her contribution: I will show how, by using the CBL approach, students obtain deep domain knowledge and skills, while at the same time they acquire 21st-century skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing society.
  • Anete Veidema takes over the presentation from Guus Dix and is going to tell about developing a new minor programme centered on reaching out to vulnerable communities in the Twente region. She will highlight the opportunities and challenges of a new CPL minor-in-the-making.
  • Check the full programme on the website.

Workshop Virtual Reality: response of a participant
“The VR-workshop lets you experience how Virtual Reality (sight and sound) can specifically help in improving presentation skills. You as participant are suddenly in front of a group in a tutorial room, lecture hall or magnificent theatre, where all eyes are on you or (conversely) no-one is paying attention - the settings are adjustable. You get automatic feedback on your eye contact, gestures, pauses and use of filler words.”

“The workshop shows you what is possible using the newest technology. The  experience is indeed immersive. You might be inspired to offer this as a  remedial presentation skills training to students who need it, or you  might start dreaming about how this will radically change your own 
teaching. Go and find out!

Good to know

  • All sessions will be held in The Gallery (Learn-X), except for the workshops Lightboard and H5P & micro lecture workshop. These are held in the Spiegel.
  • Please register, so that our speakers know how many people they can expect, and we can organise the free lunch properly.