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National Growth Fund gives University of Twente research a major boost

The University of Twente (UT) is well represented among the nineteen growth fund proposals for which national funding is being made available. The government is making a total of €5 billion available from the National Growth Fund ('Nationaal Groeifonds') for 28 innovative projects. The University of Twente will receive a large share of that funding.

The government will be investing €20 billion through the Growth Fund between 2021 and 2025. That money will go to public-private projects that have the potential to contribute to future economic prosperity. The University of Twente is a partner in the Growth Fund proposals of the NXTGEN, PhotonDelta  and Einstein Telescope consortia. Professor Guus Rijnders and Dr Timo Meinders, both of whom are affiliated with the MESA+ research institute, and prof. Marcel ter Brake will coordinate University of Twente representation in both programmes.


Vinod Subramaniam, president of the Executive Board of the University of Twente and president of the 4TU.Federation, is delighted with these funding awards. ‘It is appropriate that the government is allocating money to this type of consortia, which bring together knowledge institutions, companies and governments to work on societal challenges. I am delighted that the University of Twente and the other technical universities will have the opportunity to contribute to this with our technological expertise. Together, we will ensure that research and activity in sectors such as Health, Agrifood and High Tech are further strengthened.’ 

More info on the Nationaal Groeifonds (in Dutch): nationaalgroeifonds.nl 

J.C. Vreeman (Jochem)
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