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Videoteam supports: IET 2022 conference from Studio 200

On January 27th and 28th, 2022 there was an Intercultural Ethics and Technology conference chaired by prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek (BMS) and coordinated by project manager Michelle de Boer (BMS). Due to the pandemic restrictions for physical meetings, they asked the video team to help with a virtual conference. In the autumn of 2021 preparations were made. On the conference day itself, the plenary sessions were given live in the Studio 200 and parallel Zoom-sessions took place in a separate conference room with the support of students. Keynote speakers were brought in remotely and projected on large TV screens in the studio and joining as a virtual guest in the studio. 

Photo: students supporting parallel zoom session. 

Michelle de Boer about the cooperation with the Video team: 
“During the first edition of the Intercultural Ethics and Technology 2022 conference I have worked together with the video team in Spiegel 200. During the days together they showed their technical talents in video and audio work. What I really appreciated was their flexibility and proactiveness. The team acted in anticipation of possible future problems. And most importantly, during the preparations and the event itself I felt that I could count on them for their reliability. The organization of the online experience for participants of the conference felt like a team effort.”