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Appèl teams up with Brownies&downieS to open UT campus branch

This summer, students and staff at the University of Twente can look forward to delicious food served with a wide smile when they order lunch in the Spiegel building. Brownies&downieS and Appèl have joined forces to open a brand-new branch of Brownies&downieS on campus. Staffed by an enthusiastic team of workers who often face additional challenges on the job market, the new outlet will deliver a special lunch formula.

Brownies&downieS is a well-known catering chain with over 50 branches throughout the Netherlands. They provide real jobs in the hospitality industry for people with mental disabilities. The chain is mostly to be found in city centres or prime locations in smaller towns and villages. But they are now teaming up with Appèl to open branches in other settings, including the education sector. The University of Twente branch will be their second on-campus venture after recently opening for business at Eindhoven University of Technology.

This new branch will be run by Anne van der Raadt, who also runs the branch in the centre of Enschede. ‘We are so looking forward to this new challenge,’ Anne says. ‘After the long lockdown, it’s great to see a positive development at last. We felt an immediate connection with the University of Twente and we have worked together to find a suitable location on campus. It's fantastic that we will soon be able to expand our team and make an even greater social impact. We just can't wait to offer our special grab-and-go range to everyone at the university: students, staff and visitors!’

The Brownies&downieS collaboration is an ideal match with Appèl’s commitment to inclusivity in the workplace and the University of Twente’s vision for an inclusive campus. Appèl is keen to give opportunities to job seekers who encounter additional obstacles. This objective also forms part of the University of Twente’s new vision and strategy, to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable society.

‘We have worked with Appèl for some time and when they suggested we open a Brownies&downieS branch on campus, everything fell into place. This concept fits our vision of inclusiveness perfectly. As a university, we are dedicated to delivering on social responsibility and making meaningful connections with the world around us. This new restaurant is a clear example of everything we stand for and offers good quality at an attractive price. We see this as a positive move and a very special partnership,’ says Anouk van der Wal, project manager Facility Services for UT.

drs. B.G. Lankhaar (Bertyl)
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