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Primary school pupils analyse water quality

The ‘Alle Scholen Verzamelen’ project starts at the end of May

Pupils from grades 7 and 8 can be real researchers in the ‘Alle Scholen Verzamelen’ project! Together with other primary school pupils from all over the Netherlands, the pupils will collect data that will be used in a major water quality study. Alle Scholen Verzamelen is an initiative of the Dutch science hubs, including Pre-U-Junior, the science hub of the University of Twente. “Many primary school pupils like to find things out for themselves and often come up with brilliant ideas,” says Pieter Boerman, director of Pre-U. “We want to encourage this positive attitude!”

On Friday 28 May 2021, children from grades 7 and 8 will research rivers, canals, streams, and ditches throughout the Netherlands. The results will reveal how healthy our water is. The healthier our waterways, the better the conditions are for nature and the people who live near the water. Let’s work together for healthier rivers!

Inquiry learning

The pupils will become acquainted with inquiry-based learning as part of the project. The researchers will collate the data gathered by pupils from all over the country and share the combined results with all the participating classes. The pupils can then compare their own results with those of the researchers and other classes. Boerman wholeheartedly supports the project because it is instructive and contributes to a positive attitude towards Science and Technology (S&T) in the classroom, both among pupils and teachers. As of 2020, S&T is a compulsory part of the primary school curriculum.

About the Alle Scholen Verzamelen project

The third edition of Alle Scholen Verzamelen will be held in 2021. In 2019, 3,200 children from all over the country took part in a survey about their favourite outdoor play areas and what role nature plays in these areas. In 2020, pupils researched water quality, although fewer were able to participate due to the coronavirus crisis. This is why the theme of water quality is on the agenda again this year. The University of Twente calls on as many schools as possible to participate in the study. The University will provide support to the young researchers and local schools can become acquainted with the wonderful world of science and technology.

How to participate

Alle Scholen Verzamelen can only be a success if as many classes as possible take part. Pre-U, the University of Twente’s science hub, therefore calls on all schools in the area to participate. Participating classes will receive an interactive online lesson provided by scientist Li An Phoa, a research kit with measuring instruments for ecological and chemical analyses, textbooks for the pupils, and teaching instructions for the teacher. You can register at Registrations are open until 26 March.