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ITC offsets CO2 emissions from flights

The ITC faculty offsets flights by neutralizing its CO2 footprint. Flights via KLM, Air France and Delta Air Lines have been compensated since 1 October 2018 through a reforestation project. Flights operated by other airlines (e.g. for internal flights) are also compensated retroactively from the same date.

Two projects in Rwanda (safe water access and cleaner cooking ovens) have been chosen for these other flights. The compensation for flights is in line with the ITC's aim to be a sustainable, CO2 neutral organization.

Dean Freek van der Meer
“The two chosen projects have a direct impact on local communities, helping them to become more sustainable. Sustainability is closely linked to ITC's mission. The year 2020 is forcing us to adopt new ways of working. The future consists of a hybrid form of working, partly online and partly physically together, which in turn reduces air travel."”
Dean Freek van der Meer

Lisa Timmerman (Business Controller at ITC) adds: "We are also working on offsetting the flights from 2020. Of course, much less was flown due to COVID-19, but in the first quarter of 2020 there was still quite a lot of air traffic. The project for this is still being selected."

Lisa Timmerman
“We have not only offset CO2, but with these projects we are actually making people's lives lighter.”
Lisa Timmerman

The University of Twente is active in various fields when it comes to sustainable initiatives. Sustainability is an important theme in the university's strategy, Shaping2030. Additional capacity has been freed up to support initiatives throughout the university with expertise in environmental and sustainability issues. Services and faculties are also working closely together to achieve energy savings in campus facilities. In the scientific field, the UT is active within the UN's sustainability objectives under the theme: 'Engineering for a resilient world'.

R. Kwakman MSc (Robin)
Communication Advisor (Faculty ITC)