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Maintenance SC3

UT’s Sport Centre partially closed

Further testing of the ventilation and air circulation of the sports halls in the Sports Centre of the University of Twente campus has been done. From that, it has been concluded that some halls do not meet UT’s requirements for ventilation and air circulation. We would like to inform you about the consequences.

Below we share the planning with you with regard to the work and restart of the use for Sports hall 1 and Sports hall 3.

Week 48         23 November             Sports hall 1
Week 49         30 November             Sports hall 3


The maintenance work on SC1 has been completed, SC1 is now ready to use for sports associations. 


For the time being, SC3 will not be in use. This goes for both sports activities and educational activities such as exams. It has shown that it is not possible, at short notice, to make small adjustments to improve the ventilation and air circulation in the hall up the required standards.


Sports hall 4 reopened on September 28. 

Other halls

The other halls in the Sports Centre, such as SC2, SC5, SC6, the dojo, the indoor pool and Sports Canteen, have been examined as well. Based on the outcomes, no further action is required, and the halls can be used according to schedule. 

The fitness room is back to a availability of 100%. It is possible to use all the machines and equipment in the fitness again. 

Procedure for cancelled activities

As the halls in the sports centre were booked for the coming period, we will be looking for alternatives. These will be explored in close collaboration between CFM, CES and the users. The users will be informed directly on possible options.