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Covid-19 update 7 August 2020 Measures introduction period

On Thursday 6 August, the government decided to take a number of measures that relate to the introduction period of students and the limitation of spreading the corona virus.

The academic year 2020-2021 will start in two weeks. New students arrive to the University of Twente campus to start their study programmes with an extensive introduction programme of the Kick-In.

The measures taken by the government affect some of the activities of the Kick-In and the associations' introduction programmes. These are the national measures:

  • Educational institutions should hold orientation activities online wherever possible.
  • In-person activities can only take place in small groups and must be informative in nature.
  • Study associations (‘studieverenigingen’) and student sports clubs can only hold in-person activities if these are necessary to introduce students to their chosen programme of study or sport.
  • Such activities can only take place in small groups and must end by 22.00 at the latest. No alcohol may be consumed.
  • The governing body of the educational institution in question and the head of the relevant safety region must give permission for such activities to take place.
  • Student associations (‘studentenverenigingen’) are not permitted to hold in-person recruitment or orientation activities.

Together with the Kick-In Committee, the Student Union, the municipality of Enschede and the safety region of Twente, the UT determined which activities of the current on-campus programme can and cannot take place. It is of great importance for new students to get to know their new study environment and fellow students well. This doesn't just happen digitally and requires personal contact. Fortunately most of the Kick-In's on-campus activities can continue. A final overview of these activities will be published at the end of next week by the Kick-In Committee.

For the student associations, the measures of the government lead to more restrictions. In-person introductory activities of student associations are not allowed if not study related. They have been asked to think specifically about how they can organize their activities within the applicable guidelines. 

Students are asked to make the most of it during this induction period and beyond and to avoid gatherings in large groups in student houses or in other places.

The UT considers it a joint responsibility to limit the spread of the virus. As the safety region of Twente, the municipality of Enschede and the UT, we will also strictly monitor and enforce this where necessary.

More information:

Contact: Bertyl Lankhaar, spokesperson of the Executive Board

drs. B.G. Lankhaar (Bertyl)
Spokesperson Executive Board (EB) (Available Mon-Fri)